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German Design Awards 2023

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Excellent Product Design - Tabletop Design

Best TV advertising 1997 KNT-TV

to graphic designer Liss Stender

(Liv aurora Jensen)

"Speech at the initiative award by Poul Hansen, Sermersooq Municipality, Nuuk - Greenland.

On behalf of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, I have the pleasure of presenting the second Initiative Prize.

The prize goes to graphic designer Lis Stender (Liv Aurora Jensen). You have created a completely unique design, which has been developed into a utility item with great utility value, which we can all take into our daily lives.
Tableware, towels, bed linen, tajarutit, pillows just to name a few of your products.

And your urge to communicate has no limits. You have written books where you can learn to knit Greenlandic tajarutit according to your beautiful design, you have designed a stamp to support cancer patients. Recently, together with other artists, you have disseminated Inuit art in Paris.

You have managed to develop, as you put it, "a modern Greenlandic culture design. For our Inuit society should not be seen as an open-air museum, but we must retell our culture and continue to renew it."

That's exactly what you've been up to.
With your design, you convey the very soul of Greenlandic culture, simplicity with a majestic expression, in an iconic language.

No one doubts that years of work, insight and thoroughness lie behind developing a design of such high quality. With your design, everyday objects take on a whole new meaning. It's worthy of a price.

You, Lis Stender, have succeeded in cultivating a completely new business area that has a huge development potential in it. It is both visionary and innovative.

We will hopefully see your design in hotels, institutions and right into our homes.

With your design, you get in the most beautiful way combined the small everyday things to rise to a universal expression, where the whole world is the target group.

We can not have a better ambassador for our culture.

Congratulations on the award and thank you for the design! "