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"Excellent beautiful design!"

Lars Jespersen

"The good and simple style with Greenlandic related motifs!"

Birgithe Hansen

"I love their print products! Nuannarisakka!"

Ruth Jakobsen

“For me, inuk Design is human design! 

Because it is the interconnection of past, present and future. 

It is also young and old people, women and men, Greenlandic and international cultures. inuk Design creates a powerful emotion by expressing artistic beauty in useful objects of Greenland’s everyday life.” 

Jean-Michel Huctin, 

Professor and cultural anthropologist 

at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Paris, 2015

"Liv and Peter tell lively stories about Greenland and
the design is beautiful, unique and interprets Greenland in a modern direction. "
Pia Bloch