The story in my design is two words:

Culture and design!

My curiosity and interest in the questions "who am I, who are we and where do we come from?" has occupied me since I returned to Greenland in 1987, after growing up in Denmark since my 7th year.

Being away from my own culture growing up from childhood to adolescence has filled me a lot, because I have always known where I came from.

Through my journey from 1987 to now here in Greenland, has been a constant search for my own identity, my point of view, my cultural values, my human values ​​which is a product that Greenland's culture has been my focus area purely graphic, artistic and design. .

To find and read about design through time in the Arctic, I have found material I could examine, examine and try by myself, for example by cleaning sealskin for grease, sewing kamiks, sewing beads, knitting tajarutit, crocheting and embroidering as was done in Greenland and the Arctic.

Sew and knit with beads, both on traditional Canadian Inuit on their mukluks and with beads on yarn, which you knit tajarutit / paffequtit / wrist warmers.

Investigate the story of where the beads came from, who started knitting, who embroidered, where did the patterns come from, where did the colors come from, etc ..

Culture and design through time in the Arctic and Greenland I have read through the books I have been able to find on the subject such as:

Pearls in Greenland, by Keld Hansens,
isbn 87-480-0199-0 from 1979

Amminik suleriaaseq (work in sealskin) by Marthe Biilmann
Isbn 87 558 0562 0, 1990

Kalaallit nunaanni Arnaq peqitigiit Kattuffiat,
Knitting book with Greenlandic design
by Gudrun Chemnitz,
Isbn 87-98-2691-2-7, from 1990

TRACES - 4400 years of Man in Greenland
Isbn 87 89108 07 08, from 2004

SAGN & SAGA by Jens Rosing
Rhodes from 1963
No isbn

Womens work
Womens art
Nineteenth century northern athapaskan clothing,
By Judy Thompson,
Isbn 978-0-7735-4159-7, from 2013

The books describe the people, their clothes (design) through time in Greenland and the Arctic regions such as Canada / Alaska / First nation in the USA.

Is grateful for and has been so privileged to have met so many indigenous and Arctic peoples from Aboriginals from Australia, Sami from Lapland (Samiland), Inuit from Alaska and Canada, Inuit from Russia and Kazakhstan and of course Greenlanders from Greenland where we have spoken about our cultural and common design in our clothing and decoration, has given a great insight and impression on me.

Based on the few sources surrounding the design process in Arctic clothing design over time, Irresistible has been my biggest source of inspiration for my design today. My interest and curiosity around this topic is still a large and unexplored area. And my interest in helping to reinterpret our culture, I may say that I have always been curious to innovate things, articulate our (common) culture in a new way, so we renew and refine our culture and adapt it to the time we live in right now.

It is my source of inspiration for my design.