Peter 'Pieet' Jensen

Entrepreneur of the first private TV production company, pioneer of TV and video, founder of AV training in Greenland, recipient of countless foreign awards for his work, "The grand old man", Pieet - Peter Jensen. Born in Maniitsoq, raised in Qaqortoq and moved in 1985 to Nuuk turned 60 on September 26, 2022.

He approaches serious subjects through Greenlandic comedy and humor in his TV spots, poetic visualization of Greenland "Greenland in 8 minutes" which, among other things, has won the very big prize in Italy 2005 and which Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was very interested in when the were shown in Berlin are some of his productions which are still remembered today.

Perhaps not by the new generation, but by those of us who watched KNR-TV, when there was only one medium in Greenland.

He has educated many young people, inspired, encouraged and initiated the spirit of film and television. He was ahead of his time and still is, with an education in internet programming and APPs.

As a youngster he became interested in electronics and helped start up Qaqortoq TV and later in 1985 he went to Nuuk, where he started at Nuuk TV and then started his own company, which today is called inuk Media ApS.


Photo: Dida Heilmann