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Liv Aurora Knit - Climat Change Knitter


This sweater is inspired by an glacier in South Greenland.


A beautiful glacier that in just 7 years, has faded in and climbed several meters up and into the mountain.

It was an eerie sight we saw when in 2015 we sailed with some Icelandic friends from Nuuk to South Greenland. A wonderful journey where we proudly showed our country and of course they had to see the beautiful glacier by the Tasermiut fjord at Nanortalik.

When we were in the same place in 2008, the beautiful glacier towered beautifully from the mountain and touched the water's edge and as you can see in the photo, our 31 foot motorboat becomes quite micro compared to the giant glacier.

The sight in 2015 made us aware of the global climate change and it was a sad sight we encountered.

It is with this in mind that I, as a designer, want to make the world aware of the great consequences of climate change impact on the Arctic countries,

also in Greenland.

This design is called “Tasermiuts Melting”.

The recipe can be bought online at


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Sweaters, design Liv Aurora Jensen © 2021

Beautiful and big icecap

South Greenland, Tasermiut Fiord 2008

A 31 feet long boat!

South Greenland, Tasermiut Fiord 2008

The icecap 7 years later!

South Greenland, Tasermiut Fiord 2015

Designed with the cultural spirit! Best selling design.


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Jean-Michel Huctin, 

Professor and cultural anthropologist 

at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Paris, 2015