Artworks by Liv Aurora Stender-Jensen

1989 - present

About the artist

Liv Aurora Stender-Jensen

Liv Aurora Stender-Jensen is a self-taught artist, educated graphic artist, photographer and fashion designer from the Copenhagen Fashion Design Academy.

She has taken several courses in art, e.g. croquis in Copenhagen and at the animation production company A Film, where she passed the entrance exam to become an animator.

Stender-Jensen's love for art and creativity stems from her parents, who were both very creative in music, art and needlework.
The father was musical and played several instruments and in his spare time had a love for depicting his surroundings in oil paintings.
The mother was always knitting and sewing and was busy dressing the 7 children, where Stender-Jensen is the second youngest of the bunch.

Creativity is the lifeblood of her everyday life and develops with time.

In the years 2008 onwards, when the financial crisis hit, she, like many others, had to find new sources of income and in that period inuk Design was created.

Today she runs a small art and design business
store in Nuuk, where she sells her design and art.

inuk Design has won 5 international design awards in 2023 and several awards from Greenland.